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Why Guadalajara, Mexico?

Mexico has become the second country in the world with the highest influence in the medical tourism industry, thanks to the large infrastructure and innovation it has.

It is an extremely appealing destination for its costs for those international patients that are looking to undergo a surgical or non-surgical procedure in Mexico. Therefore, the city of Guadalajara stands out, at a national and international level, for having more than 450 of the 1402 certified plastic surgeons that there are in the country.

It should be mentioned that Guadalajara is the second biggest Mexican city; it is the land of the tequila, the mariachi and the cradle of many national and pre-Hispanic traditions. Here you can find one of the best gastronomy in the country. It is a very popular destination thanks to its weather and biodiversity. The closest beach is just 158 miles away, on the Pacific Coast.

For this and much more Guadalajara is an attraction on so many levels.

Medical specialties


Show a beautiful and white smile has a prominent role in our social interactions, as well as in our image and in our physical and emotional wellbeing. That is why aesthetic dentistry progresses with innovative treatments so that it gets easier to get that smile that before wasn’t affordable for everyone.

You can get it through different procedures, such as:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental veneers
  • Digital smile design
  • Dental implants

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Plastic surgery

We offer you consultancy and assistance with the plastic surgery professionals in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Our doctors and surgeons are certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery, they have years of extensive experience. We offer cutting edge technology and exceptional patient care.

We know the importance of leaving your health in our hands, which is why we will take care of any doubt or concern throughout this process.

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In HIH we know how hard a cancer treatment can be for you and your family, so we will guide you through this process with some of the best specialists of the city.

We will be as transparent as possible so that the process and the expenses you will have at the time of the execution of the oncological treatment in Guadalajara will be very clear.

Feel free to contact us at any moment to solve your doubts and concerns.

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Joint mobility is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the human body. This is why an orthopedist is key in case of wear and tear joints or in case of congenital muscles, bones and joints problems that affect the normal body movement.

HIH will put you in contact with the best professionals in Guadalajara (Jalisco) so that they can perform a medical evaluation and present a possible solution to the problem.

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Aesthetic medicine

Nowadays aesthetic medicine is advancing by leaps and bounds.

Our aesthetic doctors count on innovative techniques, outpatient procedures and facial, body, skin and hair aesthetic treatments. They count on many more treatments that form this new field of medicine that helps delay the passage of time in a less invasive way than plastic surgery.

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